About Us

IMG-20160125-WA0006Happyday Nursery & Primary School is a community based organization that was formed in Nkhata-Bay with the sole aim of helping orphans and vulnerable children to have access to basic education. The understanding was that government schools which these children can least afford are too congested. This inhibits the chances of doing well in class especially for these orphans and vulnerable children.

Happy day Private Nursery and Primary School was opened in 2009 as a remedy to the congestion problem in government schools. Through affordable tuition fees Happyday Private and Primary School reaches  many children in Nkhata-Bay with motivated teachers who are ready and willing to groom these children into better citizens. Providing high quality private education to poor students in the area, it has a genuine focus on improving livelihoods of the local community.

Nkhata-Bay District within the Rural Northern Region with 35% of the people being poor and 11% ultra-poor (WMS, 2008). Poverty incidence is reducing from about 51% in the year 2005 and 21% ultra-poor (WMS, 2005). According to the 1998 Population and Housing Census, each woman in the district would bear an average of 5.7children for the duration of her reproductive life while the national average was estimated at 4.8 children per woman which was lower. These statistics mean it’s almost impossible for an average family to educate their children. Therefore Happyday Nursery & Primary School started because it was an urgent need to help the community children who are not having that opportunity to learn especially girls. After a thorough research that the government schools are congested more than 80 pupils in one class yet government recommended teacher to student ratio of 1:60. The research also revealed high rate of dropouts, early marriages, and shortage of learning materials. Happyday Private Nursery and Primary School was created to prevent these problems.

The founder after seeing these problems that children of Nkhata-Bay are facing, thought of helping the community by opening a school for the children to provide quality education for them. The performance of the educational system fairs poorly on the sub-regional scale.